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Penguin Song, enjoy this popular dance song for kids (with lyrics). From the CD, Brain Breaks Action Songs: Let’s Move!. Brain Breaks Action Songs: Let’s Move! CD Download: Breaks Action Songs: Let’s Move! CD: us on Facebook and participate in FREE giveaways galore: to our YouTube channel: Song for Children - Penguin Dance Song for Kids - Children’s Songs by The Learning StationYour children will have a musical blast singing and dancing with our popular animated Penguin Song. This song is great for brain breaks, morning meeting, indoor recess and introducing your winter theme. Toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarten age children will giggle with joy as they participate in this super simple, easy to learn, movement song that makes learning fun and exciting. Enjoy our delightfully animated version of our popular penguin dance song that your children will love!Lyrics are included in this video for early readers, ESL and EFL.Illustrations and animation by Corbett Vanoni: The Learning Station: www.learningstationmusic.comVisit our store! CD’s, CD Downloads, DVD’s, Tee shirts